Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Eclipse better than other Chat Apps?

Eclipse is a fairly new chat app on the block, and thus has had the opportunity to observe the competition and improve upon the services already being offered to make the chatting experience smooth and delightfully addictive for all its users. The unique features that set Eclipse apart from all other apps are as follows:

2. Why Am I an Egg?

All new Eclipse members have to start off somewhere and what better way to start off as an egg? You do not have to stay an egg for long though. Here is how you can crack that shell and hatch into your very own character.

Click the Settings wheel on the main page – Once it opens tap on your Egg Avi. 

There is a list of avatars one can choose from when you join Eclipse. Once you have been using the app for 15 days, you can ask the Eclipse Administrator, “Boss”, to give you one of the special avatars that is not on the list should – please note this is on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability.

3. What is a Star Wall?

As a new egg you are given a star wall of 20K stars which means that anyone who wants to send you a private message would need to pay you 20 000 stars (Eclipse Currency). This is a default safety feature on the app to ensure that you are protected from the minute you enter Eclipse and gives you the right to either accept messages from other users on the app by lowering, removing or increasing your wall. Should you wish to receive private messages from any user on the app you can set this to zero. By changing this setting you can go to Settings - Security and Privacy - Setting the Amount under "Who Can Message Me".

4. How Do I Change My Bubble Color?

In order to change your bubble color you would either need to enter a Private Message (PM) or a public room and start typing a message in the text bar then you will hold on the Send Button for 2 seconds and upon release a color spectrum will appear where you can slide the gliders across the screen to customize your very own unique color. Once you are happy with your color tap the select button.

5. How Can I Favorite a Specific Room?

To start off we suggest you "Favorite" all the Official Eclipse Rooms - these are very useful and always provide up to date info on news / polls / prizes and updates etc. We suggest you take a look around by searching in the main search bar on your home screen for (@all) and see what rooms are available / where you feel most comfortable should you like a room you can add it to your favorites by tapping on the room name then looking at the bottom of your screen and selecting the JOIN button. Once joined you will be able to type in the room. Please note that Private rooms are not viewable in this list and are upon invitation only. Should you know of a Private room you wish to be invited into kindly request entry by the Room Owner / Admin of that room through PM or wait to be invited individually. Should you prefer not to have the room on your list anymore tap the settings wheel on the room you would like to leave and scroll to the bottom where you tap on Exit Group. The room will be closed and your name will be removed from the room list.

6. How Do I Make My Own Room? 

This option is not enabled at all times due to app activity and availability / selection. Should this be enabled you will be able to on the Top Right of the Home Screen see a "People" icon - You can tap on that and make a room. There are two types of rooms Public where anyone can view what is said and seen in the room by using the search function mentioned above and Private where you would need to receive an invitation to view and chat in the room. Please note that once a room is Private it cannot be made public. Should you have an issue with any of the above contact "Boss" or "Tazz" who in turn will try and assist. If however the "People" icon is greyed out - you will need to send a private message to "Tazz" or "Boss", informing them you would like to make a room. Ensure you tell them what the room will be about, and a room shall be opened up at their discretion - Note all rooms need to follows the general rules of the app and not encourage violations. Please note in order for changes to be applied you would need to return to your main screen and "REFRESH," you can do this by simply pulling down from the top of your screen for it to take effect.

7. How Do I Gift Someone In The Rooms?

"Stars" is the currency of Eclipse. You need to have a minimum of 1 000 stars to gift someone. Just long press the speech bubble of the person you wish to gift in the room and select "send gift". Select the gift you want to send them, and then select whether you would like to pay for the gift or you would like to use your stars to gift at this stage you may also personalize it with a message of your choice. Gifts range from 1 000 stars to 200 000 stars. This option is not available by tapping on a gif / photo / voice clip but on a text in the room only.

8. How Do I Gift Someone In PM?

Once you are in PM with your friend on the top right of the screen you will see a “Gift” icon. Tap on this icon and select a gift you would like to give them following the same process as above by choosing either cash / stars and adding a personalized message.

9. How Do I View What Gifts I Have?

You can only view your gifts like any other person’s gifts, which is to click on your own avatar when you send a message in a public room and then click on the gifts to view them and/or redeem them for stars – remember once redeemed the gift will be removed from your list of gifts.

10. What Are Gifs and How Do I Get Them To Work?

If you would like to make a Gif type the following into the text bar of any public room:


Then you select the pop-up option displayed on the screen which says /gif

Once you return to the text box you would need to now provide a keyword / what you would like the gif to say or be about for example:

/gif cars

Tap the send button and wait for the magic to happen as the system automatically selects a random gif based on your request. Please note that this is a completely random computer-generated program and isn’t always “spot on” but definitely leaves a whole lot of room for laughter.

11. How Do I Earn Stars? 

There are a few ways to earn stars.

12. How do I Block Someone?

To block a user, you need to go into a private message with them, click on their avatar on the top right corner of the window, which will take you onto their profile, click on the three dots on the top right corner of their profile and select "Block User". This will ONLY block the person in PM and not in public rooms. You the blockee will be able to message the blocked user but the blocked user will not be able to reply. Should you wish to block someone and not see them within the app in private / public rooms you will tap on their avi from a room then on the three dots on the top right corner of their profile and select "Block User".

13. What Happens When I Block Someone?

When you block someone, you can still continue to send them private messages which they will receive, but they can't respond to you. You will only be stopped from messaging them if they block you too. You will not be able to view their messages in public rooms however the blocked person can see your messages unless they block you as well. To unblock the user again you will need to go to the Settings wheel from your main page then tap on Account and then tap Blacklist from there you will see a list of all users you have blocked in rooms on the app. To remove a person from this list swipe on the user you want removed and tap delete. They are now removed from your room block list and you will now be able to see their comments again.

14. I am being bullied/harassed, what should I do?

You should take screenshots of the bullying/harassment and send them to “Boss” directly with a brief explanation of the details and ask them for help on the matter. Each case is different and whether they decide to mediate and resolve the issue or ban the offender would be up to them. But either way, you will most certainly be given the help you ask for.

15. How do I become an App Administrator (Admin)?

Should you wish to become an App Admin you are required to have been on the app for at least a month, have a good reputation, be active, and be an unbiased upholder of the rules. You will be asked to send in an application telling the Head Admin (Tazz) on why you should be chosen as an Administrator, and what you could offer the app and its users. Should you be considered we have a policy in place where we monitor perspective admins place them in a "Silent Admin" capacity roll where he/she will function "silently" within the app removing offensive posts providing daily brief updates and proving themselves. There is a minimum of 2 months required on the app although not set in stone. We then if a position becomes available would promote the user to App Admin. Decisions are purely based on merit and previous conduct. We strongly oppose favoritism.

16. How do I contact the people mentioned in this document?

Usually you will see any number of these people talking in the rooms on Eclipse. They are identifiable by the Red A next to their name in the Welcome Room. Email us if you have any questions.