Eclipse User Agreement

1. Who can use Eclipse?

Eclipse is currently available for download on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+, Web and anyone who is over the age of 18 years. Countries which do not support social media apps may restrict access. A user is not allowed to portray themselves as underage for any reason this includes experimentation, pranks, catfishing or jokes. If you are younger than 18 you will be reported and banned from using the app immediately. Eclipse reserves the right to ask for necessary proof if required should you be suspected of being underage, failure to do so will result in your account being locked.

2. Violations

Eclipse does not support violence, paedophilia or other offensive content (examples include discriminatory commentary regarding religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality, gender and/or mental and physical disability). Directly offensive activity such as abusing, threatening and insulting, or any activity that is reported to harass, upset / bully / embarrass users (this will be determined on a case to case basis), shall also not be tolerated. We support a strictly “NO BULLYING” policy. Eclipse does not condone the public sharing of personal or any other person’s private information or pictures within the app – should you be found to be posting material of this nature serious action will be taken.

3. Privacy

Users are not allowed to share accounts, usernames or passwords with any third- party app. Users are also asked to refrain from posting any personal information, which includes names, email addresses, instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, physical addresses credit/debit card numbers or other banking details etc. in public chat rooms. If one does choose to share any personal information with another user privately, they automatically assume any and all responsibility for how their personal information will henceforth be used by said party. “Catfishing” is defined as luring someone into a relationship by using a fictitious online persona. The Eclipse Administration encourages its users to be cautious and not share pictures and other personal information unless absolutely sure that the person they are sharing it with is who they say they are. The app is not responsible, if someone has fraudulently obtained a user’s pictures or other information through catfishing.

4. Pornographic content

Users are not allowed to post sexual or pornographic material, which is defined as any “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.”

5. Flooding and Spamming

Flooding and spamming, by which we mean overusing any word, letter, number, symbol or emoji, with the intention of disturbing the flow of an Eclipse Chat Room, will not be tolerated.

6. Updates

Users are reminded to stay on top of app updates. If you fall behind by two updates, your account will be suspended. We are constantly fixing bugs and updating the app for a better user experience. Using the old version of the app when newer versions are available causes the app to crash for other users, and we want to avoid this from happening at all cost. Should you refuse to do an update for any reason your account may be deleted and / or device blocked. So please update the app whenever a new update is available. Often, once the app is updated, it crashes upon entering. If this happens, please reinstall the app and it will work smoothly again.

7. Rank

There are 10 Ranks. Everyone starts off as an Egg the next levels are: Observer, Player, Surfer, Smooth Talker, Show Runner, Master, Superstar, Supernova and the final Rank you can obtain is to become an official “Eclipse God.”

8. Other

Impersonation of the Eclipse Administrator will result in immediate and irreversible action from the App Team. Please also read the FAQs for detailed information regarding the app features, how to use them, and contact information for further assistance on and off the app. ANY VIOLATION OF THE RULES ABOVE WILL BE MET WITH APPROPRIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR OF ECLIPSE, WHICH CAN INCLUDE BANNING YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT FROM THE APP AND/OR A DEVICE LOCK.